Computer file is a collection of information which can be saved on a computer hard disk and can be executed at any time. Usually, everyone prefers to store their crucial data in the form of files on computer. Sometimes these files can go missing without any warning. At these moments people get upset and find it difficult to recover lost data. However you can still recover lost data from hard drive by using proficient recovery tool such as HDD file recovery software. It is a great utility to restore lost data from hard drive of Mac and Windows based operating system. Hard Drive Data Recovery Tools is built in such way that it identifies and not only recover lost data from hard drive but also recover deleted files from hard drive.

Files can be lost due to many reasons, among them file loss during disk partitioning is a common. Disk partitioning is process of dividing the hard drive into logical sections, which known as partitions. It helps you store data in a proper manner. But sometime this partitioning process terminates in between due to sudden power surge occurs or abnormal system shut down. After this if you turn on your system, you find out that some of the files stored in the partition went missing. At this situation make use of Hard Drive Data Recovery Tools to recover your missing data. With the help of hard drive lost data recovery user can restore lost media files from formatted Transcend Jetflash 300 USB flash drive and also supports data recovery from various other brands of USB flash drives as well.

In addition to the above mentioned scenarios there are many more scenarios which result in data loss from hard drive such as improper system termination when file in use, file was infected by virus and removed by antivirus program without your knowledge, file system conversion also ends up with file loss, mistakenly formatting a wrong drive or partition also results in file loss. If you lose your vital file due to any of the above mentioned situation then immediately stop using hard drive. Because adding new data on hard drive will reduces the chance of recovery. So avoid using your system after any data loss situation and without wasting time go for Hard Drive Data Recovery Tools. In addition, user can also take help of this advance application to retrieve accidentally deleted files from WD MyBook Thunderbolt Duo portable HDD for Mac and it also helps user to restore lost data from hard drive and other external hard drive brands as well.

Operating system crash can also be another big reason which results in data loss. OS crash can be disastrous because when operating crashes, it stops responding and fails to reboot. Nothing seems to revive it, including restarting the system. Due to which you might lose an important work file. Once the OS get crashed then you will left with only one option and that is hard drive lost data recovery software. This application has ability to perform data recovery from Windows 8 hard drive and supports data recovery from other Windows OS as well.

Perform these steps to perform hard drive lost data recovery:

Step 1: Open Hard Drive Data Recovery Tools and select "Recover Files" option on the home screen as illustrated in Fig 1 and from the next screen, select "Recover Lost Files" option to restore lost data from hard drive.

Hard Drive Lost Data Recovery - Welcome Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Choose the drive from the list of logical drives from which you want to perform lost data recovery as illustrated in fig 2.

Hard Drive Lost Data Recovery - Drive Selection Screen

Fig 2: Choose the Drive

Step 3: Once the data is recovered, it will be displayed in an hierarchical manner. Select the files and folders that you need to save and click on "Next". At last, select the destination location and save all your important data as illustrated in Fig 3.

Hard Drive Lost Data Recovery - Preview Screen

Fig 3: Recovered Data

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